Lay Low


Friday, 1 September 2023, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia

Quandamooka artist and Ensayista, Elisa Jane (Leecee) Carmichael is the curator of the one night event Spring at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s after-dark event Artbar. Featuring roaming performances, multi-sensory installations and workshops across all levels of the Museum, the spring edition of Artbar celebrates First Nations artists, Country, and our connection to nature.

For one night, Leecee will bring together artists in a space for exchange and community. This gathering is for respecting Country and celebrating the knowledges and practices that have arisen from deep connections, which remain and are thriving.

For the event, Ensayos members will be sharing scents, sounds and posters that are part of The Gift of Scent peatland conservation project, including a new poster design ‘lay low’ relating to the Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island) peatlands on the east coast of Australia. Ensayistas Caitlin Franzmann and Renee Rossini will be there to share stories from and for peatlands globally.


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