Bog or Not-Bog: Audio Reflections


Two students from the University of Hartford’s NOMAD Interdisciplinary MFA, Teal Gardner and Morgan Kulas, created audio experiments inspired by their study of Crystal Peat Conservation Area in Tolland, Connecticut, USA during the Art & Ecology course taught by Christy Gast and Camila Marambio of Ensayos.

Morgan Kulas (Colorado, USA) is an artist and educator with a background in classical and contemporary dance who is interested in ecological questions about landscape, consciousness, interconnection, and the transformation of suffering into understanding. She is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher and the founder of Aarunya Yoga School and Art of Awe, and she created this guided meditation for that platform:

Teal Gardner Teal Gardner (b. 1984, she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist from Nebraska, residing in Idaho. She is interested in building questions based on ecological thinking, spurred by the devastating lack of such orientations in capitalist society. She works through collaborative practices, education, and the production of cultural materials that reflect a holistic reality. Teal’s audio piece “My Not Bog” refers to Alvin Lucier’s seminal audio work “I Am Sitting in a Room”. Her statement about the piece is embedded below the audio file as a PDF.

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