“Wild Living Marine Resources Belong to Society as a Whole” included as part of Lofoten International Art Festival:


What can laws and management tell us about the relationships we have to nature and to our surroundings? Taking Section 2 of the Norwegian Marine Resources Act as a starting point, the essays, articles, images, artworks and poems in this book relate to and discuss our management of natural resources and our fundamental views on nature.

Parts of this legislative text has also given the book its title: Wild Living Marine Resources Belong to Society as a Whole, edited by Randi Nygård & Karolin Tampere.

Excerpts from this upcoming book have been included as part of I Taste the Future, the Lofoten International Art Festival curated by Milena Høgsberg and Heidi Ballet in Henningsvær, Norway. Contributions from the book as well as recorded conversations concerning this law, conducted in Tromsø, were displayed on a table in the Fredriksenbruket Archive, alongside a selection of other curatorial research on the topic of Oceans and Laws.

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