¿’Onde va la lancha? at Detroit Institute of Arts


Save the date: Christy Gast will perform ¿’Onde va la lancha?, a performance lecture set in Tierra del Fuego’s Admiralty Sound, on Friday, October 6 at 7 pm in the Detroit Institute of Arts’ Rivera Court.


The Detroit Institute of Arts and James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History, Wayne State University, Detroit, are pleased to present INSTRUMENTAL, a multi-media performance series featuring local and national artists who work in a variety of genres. The following artists will be featured in the performance series: Lisa Rybovich Crallé / Sophia Wang, Jimbo Easter, Angelo Conti, Naysayin, Katie Grace McGowan, Bushwick Bill, Joseph Ravens, Jessica Care Moore with special guests, Christy Gast, Jason Furlow, Beverly Fre$h, DJ Woounz, Kuperus and Miller (aka Adult.), ESHAM, Beili Liu, Cooper Holoweski, Richard Haley, Felicia Carisle, Biba Bell, Anna Rose, Jessica Wildman, and Russ Orlando. The series will also include brief lectures by Mary Anderson, Lauren Kalman, and Chera Kee.

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