Ensayos Outer Space


A Wool Felting Workshop
Led by Christy Gast

Saturday, 31st August, 12:30–2:00pm
Outer Space
1/170 Montague Road,
South Brisbane

Open process-ing (making and talking): Wet felting of wool is a tactile process during which the animal fibres must be shocked, massaged, and submerged in hot and cold water repeatedly. Wool dyed with foraged, plant-derived colours will be shocked and bound into a subtle spectrum. What is shocking? Why does visibility matter?

‘Generative Writing’
A Poethical Writing Workshop
Led by Camila Marambio

Saturday, 31st August, 2:30–4:00pm
Outer Space
1/170 Montague Road,
South Brisbane

Inspired by the dramaturgical exercises of María Irene Fornés, the scholarly work of Nina Lykke, and the poems of Clara Brack, in this workshop we will tap into the potency of automatic writing and the subconscious. Bring your writer’s block, a creative question, a writing task, a problem or a question to explore its language and what it wants.

Carla Macchiavello
‘¡Ayayay! (From Eye to I to Ay!):
Reflexive Translations
and Video Bodies in Downey’s
Videos and Beyond’

Saturday, 31st August, 4:30pm
Outer Space
1/170 Montague Road,
South Brisbane

‘I wish to eroticise politics’, said Juan Downey in one of his notebooks when working on one of his best-known series of video works, Video Trans Americas (1973–79). Eroticism was here understood as a larger human project of survival, needing inter-species, human-machine collaborations. Feedback would meet eros, the thinking I/eye would meet the feeling body/¡ay!, looping desire, longing, bodies, memories … Downey’s works have been analysed as part of larger North American networks that created feedback loops between art and anthropology (as both were working with audiovisual technologies and reflexivity), art and television/agency of media, art and science. But the connections between politics and eroticism have been largely downplayed by scholars, as have been other networks of peripheral collaborations, translating desire across cultures and bodies, cannibalising received histories. From his early works with machines and perception to his late works in which the body beats to the sound of political dissent and indigenous drums, translating and transferring languages and pulsations, another perhaps erotic map of video networks might be traced.

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