Minjerribah and Canaipa – Ensayo #4



August 23-28, 2019


Ensayistas met in Meanjin (Brisbane, Australia), where collaborator Caitlin Franzmann is based, for a mobile residency on the coastal islands in Quandamooka Country (Moreton Bay and islands) in southeast Queensland. After visiting the exhibition Seeing Country at Redland Art Gallery, curated by Freya Carmichael, who has strong family connections to Minhjerribah and Quandamooka Country, we crossed by ferry to Minjerribah and set up a base camp at Healing Rock. We were fortunate to spend time with Nguji woman weaver Sonja Carmichael and her family–bush walking, beach walking, textile talking, and sharing meals. At Canaipa we were hosted by artist Sharon Jewell, who shared the ephemeral land-based work of the Mudlines collective and led us on a littoral studio day.


Thinking about coastal stewardship in advance of the exhibition Everything Is Possibly an Oracle at Milani Gallery.


Caitlin Franzmann, Camila Marambio, Carla Macchiavello, Sarita Gálvez, Christy Gast


Big Mama the van.

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