Coastal Curriculum – Ensayo #4

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Photo Elisa Ibañez


November 9-23, 2014


A nomadic recognition of some of the critical zones of Tierra del Fuego’s coastal areas. After which Camila Marambio, Karolin Tampere and Alfredo Prieto spent some time in Puerto Arturo, Última Esperanza digesting the experience and projecting a future for Ensayo #4’s coastal curriculum.

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Photo Elisa Ibañez


Since having been Bruno Latour’s student at SPEAP, Science Po, Camila Marambio had kept in close contact with him about Ensayos. Taking advantage of Bruno Latour’s visit to Chile, Camila decided to invite him and Chantal Latour to tour the main Isle of Tierra del Fuego with a group of scientists and locals who would be giving breath to inaugural conversations about Ensayo #4’s concern with coastal development.   


Isla Grande Tierra del Fuego and Puerto Arturo, Última Esperanza, Magallanes.


Thanks to WCS Chile, generous grants from Pedro Ibañez and Ana María Yaconi and Festival Puerto de Ideas, Valparaíso who brought the Latour’s to Chile.


Julio Gastón Contreras (doctor), Jorge Gibbons (cetologist/ UMAG), Elisa Ibañez (ingeniero comercial/ Antenna), Alejandro Kusch (marine biologist/WCS Chile), Chantal Latour (musician), Bruno Latour (phiIosopher/anthropologist), Camila Marambio (curator), Ivette Martínez (educator/Director Fundación Caleta María), Alfredo Prieto (archeologist/UMAG), Bárbara Saavedra (Ecologist/DirectorWCS Chile), and Karolin Tampere (curator).

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