Coastal Curriculum in Tierra del Fuego – Ensayo #4



December 9 – 20, 2018


Accidentally, we ventured off track. We got lost, ended up elsewhere. And once there, we had no choice but to change history. So, we did. Quietly, collectively, weaving images of islands and flowers, rodents and blood, we told “Their Story”. Eventually, you’ll hear it, just like we did, murmuring in the wind.

A wise word of warning: Weed not, plastic is everywhere.


Because as the glaciers melt and our oceans become burdened with the residues of our bad habits, we feel the urgency of re-membering our fishy beginnings (Neimanis, 2017) and so embarked again on an expedition to rehearse a coastal curriculum. By scripting a curricula we aim low, towards the seabeds that lie under the beaches we love to walk along, swim at, and collect trash at. We recede into our shame and assume vulnerable positions letting the sea breeze become the skipper of our thoughts, feelings and actions.


Caitlin Franzmann (artist), Sarita Galvez (kinesiologist and educator), Vanessa Grimaldi (artist and educator), Camila Marambio (curator), Ivette Martinez (educator), Patricia Messier (artisan and educator), and Karolin Tampere (curator).


Thanks to OCA, Karukinka WCS Chile, MADA, Ana María Yaconi, Julio Gastón Contreras, Ivette Martínez, Kiko Anderson, Australia Council for the Arts, Museo Antropológico Martín Gusinde, UMAG, Nativo Expediciones

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