Ensayistas at PSi 22 in Melbourne

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Ensayistas Carla Macchiavello, Denise Milstein, Camila Marambio and Christy Gast will present at the PSi 22 conference in Melbourne, Australia. The full conference schedule is below.

Ensayos events @ PSi 22:

animal responseAn Animal Response
Wednesday July 5th in the Guild Theater
Workshop (max. 15 participants)
Christy Gast & Camila Marambio


PSi unhappy readymade‘I would prefer not’: A Case Against Utility and for Listening
Thursday July 7th at Mcmahon Ballroom Theater
Chair: Camila Marambio
Denise Milstein: Useless Stories
Camila Marambio: Getting Lost in the Field
Carla Macchiavello: Care, Curiosity and Curating

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