Ensayistas at PSi 22 in Melbourne


Ensayistas Carla Macchiavello, Denise Milstein, Camila Marambio and Christy Gast will present at the PSi 22 conference in Melbourne, Australia. The full conference schedule is below.

Ensayos events @ PSi 22:

animal responseAn Animal Response
Wednesday July 5th in the Guild Theater
Workshop (max. 15 participants)
Christy Gast & Camila Marambio


PSi unhappy readymade‘I would prefer not’: A Case Against Utility and for Listening
Thursday July 7th at Mcmahon Ballroom Theater
Chair: Camila Marambio
Denise Milstein: Useless Stories
Camila Marambio: Getting Lost in the Field
Carla Macchiavello: Care, Curiosity and Curating

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