Venice Post-Agreement Meeting


The first meeting since the signing of The Venice Agreement took place online on December 6th, 2022. It was a lively two-hour reunion during which we reconnected, re-visited the foundations of our agreement, remembered our commitments (or made new ones), and co-defined how we will measure the success of the VA.

We asked those who attended the Venice meeting to prepare by thinking about the last session we had, where they were asked to make some commitments regarding the agreement. The signatories who were not in Venice but participated remotely through the on-the-ground workshop toolkits, we requested they answer the following question: What have you done since June that was inspired and/or directly reinforces the the Venice Agreement? This could be absolutely anything, from telling friends and colleagues about the Agreement to organizing a meeting with government representatives to promoting the protection of a local peatland. All contributions to peatland protection and conservation are important and welcomed!

During the meeting we discussed ambitions and indicators for measuring our achievements. All of this data will inform an upcoming VA report that will also include the photos from the VA challenge envisioned by Re-Peat. Keep your eyes peeled!

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