RE-PEAT invites you to the Venice Agreement Poster Competition


Signed on June 2, 2022, The Venice Agreement represents a commitment by peatland custodians from around the world to change the trajectory of the ecological and cultural
management of these wetland ecosystems. The Venice Agreement sets a new standard for the valuation and practice of protecting and restoring our planet’s peatlands at the local level.

RE-PEAT INVITES YOU to join in the effort to spread the word globally and inspire people to protect their local peatlands by printing out the Venice Agreement Poster and putting it up in the most unexpected or impactful places you can imagine. And sent the photo back to them to participate in the competition.

***The best photo wins a pair of wellies! To explore the local peatland without getting your feet wet.***


1. Download the Venice Agreement from here and print it out.

2. Find the most unexpected or impactful places you can imagine and take a photo of the Venice Agreement there.

3. Upload here it until the 2nd of March 2023.

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