Forget-me-not: Environmental Research


While developing the syllabus for “Ensayando Ensayos,” an Art & Ecology course taught by Ensayistas Christy Gast and Camila Marambio for the University of Hartford’s NOMAD Interdisciplinary MFA, we requested that our collaborators and colleagues working in ecology, biology, anthropology, activism, policy management and sociology share some of the most significant peer-reviewed papers in their field.

Familiarizing ourselves with research in our collaborators’ fields is an important Ensayos methodology, and often leads to experiments that expand on scientific fact by cross-pollinating research and fieldwork with artistic understandings of the same environmental questions. After undertaking one such thought experiment with our students (results above), we feel it is important to make this resource available beyond our students. Most of the papers are available online, otherwise you can contact us for a link to a shared Google drive with PDF’s via the contact form below.

Thanks to sociologist Denise Milstein, gender studies scholar Astrida Neimanis, artist Randi Nygård, anthropologist Laura Ogden, ecologist Bárbara Saavedra, policy program manager Noah Chesnin, Miccosukee activist Reverend Houston Cypress, and ichthyologist Lynne van Herwerden for their work and recommendations.


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