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Ensayo #1 – Why Are You Here?


At Lago Blanco, during the first Ensayos residency, participants answer the question: Why are you here?

Daniela Drouget, WCS Chile marine biologist

Christy Gast, artist from USA

Geir Tore Holm, Norwegian artist

Juan Pablo Langlois, Chilean artist

Søssa Jørgensen, Norwegian artist

Kiko, eco-activist from USA

Fabienne Lasserre, Canadian artist

Pierre Lasserre, French-Canadian natural resource economist

Camila Marmabio, Chilean curator and Ensayos founder

Ivette Martínez, Chilean activist and educator

Stefan Mitterer, Norwegian artist

Karolin Tampere, Estonian curator (video begins at 1:51)

Paola Vezzani, Regional director of Magallanes Cultural Council

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