Eco-Lógicas Latinas


Founding director of Ensayos Camila Marambio was interviewed for the book Eco-Lógicas Latinas. The book was organized by Fernando Ticoulat and João Paulo Siqueira Lopes, and establishes a cartography of Latin American initiatives and artists that reflects deeply on the exchange between art, ecology and science and the resonances that the human-nature relationship have in contemporary art practice. The trilingual publication (Portuguese, English and Spanish) is composed as an exhibition in book format. The project is curated by Beatriz Lemos, with profiles on projects and artists central to the subject, previously unpublished interviews with curators and specialists, as well as a glossary of the main terms that interconnect the universes of art and ecology.

Fernando Ticoulat and João Paulo Siqueira Lopes

Texts and editing
Fernando Ticoulat, Marina Dias Teixeira, Yasmin Abdalla

Guest Curator
Beatriz Lemos

Artists and Projects
Adrian Villar Rojas
Ana Teresa Barboza
Living Arts
Camilla Marambio
Elvira Espejo Ayca
Giselle Beiguelman
Green Art Lab Alliance
Maria Thereza Alves
Hong Kong Museum
Silo – Art and Rural Latitude
Uyra Sodom
Vivian Suter

Title: Latin Eco-Logics
ISBN: 978-85-471-0653-9
Edition: 1st
Year: 2022
Act. Publishing company
Area of ​​Interest: Art, Contemporary Art, Ecology
Binding: Hard cover
Format: 21.9 x 31 x 2.3 cm
Number of pages: 232 p.
Weight: 1.3kg
Language: Portuguese / English / Spanish

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