Down in the Bog in Klassenkampen


This collage, by ensayista Randi Nygård, was published in Klassekampen, the leading left intellectual newspaper in Norway, 23.03.24, as an announcement for the environmental NGO, SABIMA.

Sabima also helped Nygård with her research for «The Gift of Scent – Wolves in the Mire», where Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel and Nygård produced a scent representing Norwegian bogs for Turba Tol, at the Chilean Pavillion at The Venice Biennale.

It says:

«The artwork is a gift from Randi Nygård to Sabimas work for protections of peatlands. It can be seen at the exhibition «Down in the bog: Hibernation» at Tromsø Kunstforening, Norway.

To build on bogs is going to be prohibited. It is a great victory for nature and for the future. Right now the government is working on writing the text of the law. Let it be strict enough! Let the bog breathe water!»

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