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DISTANCIA (Distance)

Tierra del Fuego 2018, Original Version in Spanish, subtitled in English, color, 6 episodes.

Director: Carolina Saquel/ Assistant Director: Camila Marambio/ Camera: Philippe Eustachon, Patricio Riquelme, Carolina Saquel/ Sound Design: Ariel Bustamante/ Sound Engineer: Sebastian Arce/ Art Direction: Maria Luisa Murillo/ Starring: Ivette Martinez, Julio Gastón Contreras, the wind, the road, and unsuspecting others.

Beyond the Strait of Magellan, in a territory that is often imagined as untouched and remote, unfolds a story of cosmopolitical entanglement between two Chilean human rights activists, an American tycoon, a Nation-State, a conservation biologist, a road under construction, a family of penguins, Selk’nam ceremonies, and the relentless wind. Of environmental proportions, this complex tale reveals a colonial culture of appropriation and extermination and the extraordinary civilians who fight for justice and kinship at the “road’s end.” In an allegorical style known as ethnofiction, Distancia documents and stages fragments of the lives of the characters, some of which are more-than-human.

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