Caleta Maria Diary


Julián Donas Milstein, age 10–There is a large field, bugs and animals in the tall grass that surrounds me. The grass prickles my skin. The ground mushy, old charcoals from a campfire long gone. An icy peak, towering over the landscape. What adventures await? As my eyes follow a trail of mountains, they abruptly slope down, turning into sea. That sea, gray yet blue, white foam matching the color of the ice on the mountains. That sea looking like a river, that sea, ice cold. I follow the chain of mountains and it meets with another chain, forming a verdant valley. As I take in these sights, a constant, relentless wind is pushing and pulling. The pure, cold air bites into my skin. I am part of it. The air, the colors, the wind, the moment. I am part of something greater than I could ever imagine.
grassy field

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