New Listening Series: Hydrofeminist METitations Episodes 1, 2 & 3


As part of our digital residency at the New Museum, Ensayos has launched three podcasts. Drawing from Ensayos’s transdisciplinary work, these podcasts focus on waters in different archipelagic regions, including Tierra del Fuego, New York, eastern Australia, and Norway. Journalist Catalina Jaramillo guides listeners through four acts that mirror different aspects of Ensayos’s field research: fiction, fact, somatic exercise, and care ethics. Each concludes with a song.

I. Hydrofeminist METitation: Eastern Australia: A lesson in water care drawn from a “creekulum” / A speculative mystery “The Bringers of the Viral Red Dust” / A somatic exercise in “Mangrove Tuning” / A sorrowful interview with an ichthyologist / A song about tiny crustaceans and microplastics

II. Hydrofeminist METitation: Norway: A glaciorhythmic audio collage from the Arctic/ On law and poetry/ Walk along the Holsbekken Creek leading to a canyon of controversies/ A rowing journey/ Song sung by farmed sea salmon

III. Hydrofeminist METitation: The Americas: Selk’nam know-what/ A wooden house is a ship in a bog/ A conversational road map through peatlands/ Olfactory exercise/ Seafaring song ¿’Onde va la lancha? (Where is the boat going?)

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