A Nomadic Research Program in Tierra del Fuego / Un programa nómade de investigación en Tierra del Fuego

Whale fin
Essays/Field Notes

Admiralty Sound Expedition Report

In Tierra del Fuego, where the Atlantic meets the Pacific, land and sea are not so much interwoven as fractured—splintered and shattered. At the southern terminus of the Andes, it is as if the mountains are using the remainder of their geological force to dive… … Keep Reading

Denise Milstein weaving web
Field Notes/Research

Ensayos Network–A Web of Ideas

By Denise Milstein I joined in the Ensayos collaborative in the summer of 2015. By then, the group had been collecting a multi-media archive of its discussions, experiments, and activities for over four years. It was time to take stock of the paths Ensayos had… … Keep Reading

whale sound 2

Ensayo #4 – Whale Sound

WHEN January 13-15, 2016 WHAT Camila Marambio and Christy Gast were invited to observe Whale Sound, a joint tourism and scientific effort, during a two-night cruise to their base camp at Isla Carlos III. For three days and two nights, scientists and tourists navigated through… … Keep Reading


Ensayo # 2 – Estancias Miguelito y Vicuña

WHEN January 5-10 (Miguelito) and January 29-February 4 (Vicuña), 2016 WHAT The goal was to implement the Beaver Research Plan developed by ecologist Derek Corcoran and biologist Giorgia Graells during the residency at the Institute for Art and Olfaction in 2015. WHY To determine whether humans and beavers… … Keep Reading


Ensayo # 3 – Caleta Maria

31 de diciembre de 2015 exterior, camino, noche, movimiento. En la camioneta conduce Julio Gaston Contreras, copiloto Camila Marambio, pasajeros en asientos traseros Carolina Saquel, Julian Donas Milstein, Denise Milstein. Nuestra Primera experiencia de lugar y encuentro material con Tierra del Fuego se hizo casi despidiendo… … Keep Reading

Søssa Jørgensen perormance

It’s Gettin’ Hot Down Here

Press Release “It’s gettin’ hot down here” Ensayos: Trials on an Archipelago Closing Reception: Saturday, November 14th, 6-9pm FUG: 431 East 6th Street, Basement BHQFU, New York’s Freest Art School, is pleased to present ​TRIALS ON AN ARCHIPELAGO​, a residency, seminar, and exhibition focusing on… … Keep Reading


Más Allá del Fin/Beyond the End #1

Like Ensayos, the periodical Más allá del fin/Beyond the End is an attempt at communicating the experiences that the program has nurtured, explored and continues to seek. The periodical has a shifting shape that responds to the different occasions and matters of concern that summon its presence. The first issue accompanied the exhibition that took place in Paris at Kadist Art Foundation in June 2014 and took the form of a newspaper that brought news of the end of the world (Tierra del Fuego) to Paris, and its metropolitan, “Old World” audiences. Beyond the End is edited by the art historian Carla Macchiavello and the curator Camila Marambio.

En un futuro próximo Ensayos dará luz a una serie de ediciones que incluirá: libros de referencia (de autores internacionales que serán traducidos al español), un compilado de ensayos críticos y/o creativos de autoría de integrantes de los ensayos #2 y #3, y un periódico cuya impresión y distribución será determinada por su necesidad.

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